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How I Paid Off £41,370 In Credit Card Debt

Massive debt was destroying my marriage until I learned one thing that changed everything

This is my story: My husband Paul and I were supporting our two children on my salary because he was out of work.

He was staying at home while I was working, which was fine…

Until I slipped at work and hurt my back.

Because I couldn’t work, the bills started piling up.

The only way our family could afford to live was by putting everything on credit cards for six straight months.

That was hard, but then things got even worse.

We fell into a trap the Credit Card companies had carefully laid for us.

Because of the situation we were in, we could only afford to make minimum payments on each of our cards…

And by the time I was able to go back to work, our balances were so high that sometimes, we couldn’t even do that!

I discovered that since we were paying the bare minimum on our cards, the Credit Card companies were making a killing on our interest charges…

And they kept going up and up and up.

The stress almost destroyed our relationship, if I’m being honest.

Anxiety over debt consumed my entire life.

Every single day our mailbox was stuffed with Credit Card statements like the one below, reminding us that we were getting NOWHERE.

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If youre making minimum payments you could end up paying back as much as 3 times what you borrowed and it might take as much as 25 years to do it

The phone rang constantly And each time it was another debt collector, demanding payment. It got so bad that I stopped checking the mail, and stopped answering the phone.

I would toss and turn all night… Lay awake staring at the ceiling consumed with worry.

It was impossible to concentrate on anything, and I was tired and angry all the time…

I started to dread even leaving the house!

It seems a little silly looking back on it now, but everything came to a head when our air conditioner broke down that summer, in the middle of a hellish heat wave.

Our cards were maxed out. And obviously, we didn’t have enough money for repairs.

Paul and I had the worst fight in our entire marriage. We were shouting at each other so loudly that it woke the kids up.

That was my breaking point.

I knew that something had to change before Credit Card debt took our home, our marriage, and our family.

So I started looking for solutions to help us get out from under this paralyzing debt.

First we tried our home loan lender… Who told us to “come back when you’ve paid off those credit cards.”

Then we tried to get a personal loan… And were flat out rejected.

We were stuck…. Then it happened.

One day I was browsing Facebook, and I came across an opportunity for a free debt evaluation.

Sure, I was skeptical… But I ended up getting on a no-obligation phone call with a debt expert from UK Debt Relief.

They explained my options, and helped me sketch out some very simple steps I could take to get moving in the right direction.

It was free… And we had nothing to lose.

What happened next was INCREDIBLE.

By partnering with UK Debt Relief, our prayers were answered.

If we had kept on the same path, it would have taken more than 20 years for us to become debt free… And we would have ended up paying back three times what we borrowed!

But with our debt consolidated and with a more manageable payment, we were able to become completely debt-free in less than three years.

I only wish I had called sooner. It turns out we didn’t have to struggle for years (and throw away thousands of dollars) in interest charges.

When I think of all the extra money we could have saved instead if we had just acted quicker, it still makes me want to pull my hair out.

If you’re paying minimum payments on your Credit Cards, it may be time to take a more serious approach to debt relief by contacting UK Debt Relief, like we did.

Click the button below to call and see if UK Debt Relief can help you too.