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How To Set The SEO Title and Description Format

In this video i’m going to show you how to set the seo title and description format for all of your posts in your wordpress website. Welcome to all-in-one seo we make seo easy with our powerful wordpress seo plugin. Let’s get started. So from the wordpress dashboard head on over to the all-in-one seo menu and click on search appearance.

Then you’re going to want to click on the content types tab up above. Now what we’re going to be doing while we’re in here is setting up a default format for our seo titles and description. This is a great thing to do can save you a ton of time.

But the best seo titles and best seo descriptions for your post are always going to be the ones that you write yourself. So think of this more as a good first step that’s just a disclaimer i wanted to say that first before we dive into this.

The first thing you see on this page is where it says show in search results it’s a toggle switch that’s on yes. If you toggle this to ‘no’ this is basically going to make all of the posts on your website invisible to search engines. So almost no one is going to want to change this to no.

We’re typically going to leave this as yes. So below that we have a preview section which shows us what our listing is going to look like in the search results. It’s going to have the url of the page the title of the page and a brief description of the page.

Below that section is where you can change these things. In the area that says post title this is saying that we are going to use the title of the post separator and then the site title.

So if i remove the site title from here it’s removed in the preview area as well. You can click view all tags here and you get a list of all of the smart tags that are available so for the title of this page.

I’m going to leave it as it was as a post title and the site title with a separator in between them. Below that is an area where you can customize the description. So i’m going to use a post excerpt here and then we can again click view all tags or just type in the hashtag pound symbol and we can see all of the smart tags available to us.

In this example i’m going to also add in the category title, and then if we scroll back up to the preview it’s saying sample excerpt from a page slash post sample taxonomy title. I’m going to scroll back on up and hit save changes and that’s it.

Now we have set a default post format for all of the posts on our website.

If you scroll down the page you can see that there’s also a similar section for the pages on your website. And since i have woocommerce on this site there’s also a section for products. So you can customize the format that you use for all of these again.

You should go back and every page and post on your website should be given a thoughtful seo title and description. But this is at least a very good starting point for setting up the format for those titles and descriptions.

So that’s how to set the seo title and description format for all of your posts.