It Wasn’t Just My Money I Lost, It Was My Pride

Anyone who’s ever been ripped-off before by a shady auto mechanic can tell you how awful it feels.  You work hard for your money and then some creep basically steals it from you.

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That’s the exact problem Saundra had with her mechanic.

“Maybe I was naive, but when I first started going to my mechanic I didn’t even consider that he would be dishonest about anything.  He seemed so nice, and genuine.

But when the repairs were complete the price was always crazy high!  One time I went in when the check engine light came on.  $1,800 later I had a new catalytic converter.  (Or did I?)

That’s the worst part.  How would you ever know if you even needed the things they said you needed?

How would you ever know if you even needed the things they said you needed?

I hate to say it but some of these guys target women.  They see us coming a mile away.  I can tell, because they size me up the same way a creepy guy does, except this time it’s my wallet their after!

I hate to say it but some of these guys target women.

The last time was the final straw.  The Check Engine light came on again, but the car was running fine.  I took it in and my mechanic said it needed not one but two “O2 sensors” and it was going to be $2,100 with labor!

I text’d my friend Jenny from the mechanics.  I would have called, but I was too upset to talk on the phone.  She told me to not to leave the car with them, tell them you’re going to take it for a second opinion, and then wait until I saw her that night.

It was going to be $2,100 with labor!

Jenny came over that night with this crazy little device.  It’s called FIXD. It’s a little white thing, she plugged it into my car, right under the steering wheel, and then pulled up an app on her phone.

Jenny has been my friend since College, but seriously I was like, “…what is this woman doing?!” lol

But to my surprise, the app on her phone was communicating with the FIXD she had plugged into my car, and told me exactly what was wrong with my car!

The gas cap was lose!

Do you know what the problem was?  …the gas cap was lose!  The gas cap wasn’t tightened enough last time I filled up, and air coming in through the gas cap was causing the check engine light to come on.

Not “O2 sensors”!  Not $2,100.  Something I could fix for free!

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My mechanic had stood there, looked me in the eye and flat out LIED to my face!  I couldn’t believe it.

How Does It Work

Jenny showed me where she bought her FIXD.  And I ordered one that same night.  You can get one right here.

I know this sounds too good to be true.  Like ‘Ok what’s the catch?’  But this time there is no catch, it’s just a GOOD product that actually works!

Think about it, how far technology has come in the last 10 years?  Everybody has a smartphone now, which is basically a computer in your pocket.  And these apps can do amazing things.

Combine that with something you plug in your car that communicates with your car’s computer, and there you have it!

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Bringing your car to the mechanic or dealer and TRUSTING THEM to tell you what’s wrong (when they directly benefit financially from saying you need repairs!) is something people did 10 years ago.

Trusting them to tell you what’s wrong with your car is something people did 10 years ago.

Technology has evolved, and this simple, and cheap device (compared to the $2,100 the mechanic quoted me!) gives YOU the upper-hand.

Now I can take my car to the mechanic and KNOW what’s wrong.  I can pay them a reasonable price to fix the problem, instead of just showing up ready to be taken advantage of.

And you can bet I will never be going to my old mechanic again!  :-/

What You Can Do

The time to act is now.  If you feel like you’re getting ripped off when your car needs repairs, it’s not your fault, and you are not alone.

It’s estimated that each year in America alone, over 12 million people are victims of fraudulent auto repairs!

But you can get help.  Simply tap the button below to see if there are any FIXD left to buy today!  Every day you wait, is a day you risk getting ripped-off again.


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